My favorite Musical song ~No.8 The Music of the Night

No.8 The Music of the Night

Lyrics Charles Hart,

Composition Andrew Lloyd Webber

 “The Phantom of the Opera Phantom of the Opera” 1986

Feelings for the song

The original is the novel of the same name

by Gaston Leroux (1910) in France.

watched it 6 times at Broadway and Shiki Theater Company.

Broadway phantom at Broadway is

always full of wild taste and devilish.


It can’t come true anymore, but

I want to see the original cast,

Michael Crawford

Sarah Brightman

at the west end

When singing this song,

What comes to mind is the scene that

Phantom appears in an underground maze.

His mind looks cold as ice

Still, the bewitching heat is transmitted.

The tears comes out all the time by touching his mind.


This character is inherited  

on “Love Never Dies”

It has become the eternal theme of the phantom,

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