My favorite Musical song ~No.9. Love Changes Everything

No.9 Love changes Everything

Lyrics Don Black & Charles Hart

Composition Andrew Lloyd Webber

 “Aspects of Love” 1989

Feelings for the song

The original is David Garnett’s novel of the same name

The title seems to be a perfect antithesis against the domestic supreme principle that has been spreading in recent years

However, the lyrics does not mean that.

The youth’s hot and wet sad feelings are revealed.

The reason I got to know this song was

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Music Video found in NY.

A scene where Michael Ball recalls and sings at George’s villa.

I haven’t seen the stage, but you can see the whole story on the CD.

In the Shiki Theater in Japan,

Main casts are Mr. Kanji Ishimaru as Alex, Ms. Chizu Hosaka as Rose, and Mr. Akihiko Mitsueda as George.

Among the works of Shiki Theater, which deals with the works of Andrew Lloyd Webber,

feels closest to the original.

That may be because Ms. Hosaka and Mr. Mitsueda have great acting ability.

And the Japanese translation by Mr. Keita Asari is better for singing in Japanese, and

a little cool and suits me.

The lyrics may suit for Japanese people.

Also it suits Mr. Ishimaru’s character


The monotonous code continues.

I take care of not putting pressure on my throat or chest.

Be aware of power at the waist.

The challenge is the last word,

“Same” in English, “Itsuka, that means someday” in Japanese.

Especially, it is quite hard to raise the sound with Japanese vowels “a”.

The last part requires a sense of pureness that continues to grow forever.



 Love changes everything:

 Hands and faces,

 Earth and sky,


 Love changes everything:

 How you live and

 How you die



 Can make the summer fly,

 Or a night

 Seem like a lifetime.


 Yes, Love,

 Love changes everything:

 Now I tremble

 At your name.

 Nothing in the

 World will ever

 Be the same.



 Love changes everything:

 Days are longer,

 Words mean more.


 Love changes everything:

 Pain is deeper

 Than before.



 Will turn your world around,

 And that world

 Will last for ever.


 Yes, Love,

 Love changes everything,

 Brings you glory,

 Brings you shame.

 Nothing in the

 World will ever

 Be the same.

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