My Favorite Musical Song ~No.7 Wheels Of A Dream

No.7 Wheels Of A Dream

Lyrics  Lynn Ahrens

Composer  Stephen Flaherty

 “Ragtime ” 1998

Feelings for the song

The original is a novel of the same name by E. L. Doctorow (1975)

From the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century

WASP, black, Jewish 3 families’s story of life.

The Lion King won the Tony Awards on the competition.

The stage performance does not last long,

because there are many performers.

So I want to see at least once someday.


And this song is sung by Black family

Coalhouse and Sarah

singing while holding a baby.

I sang this only in the singing part of Coalhouse.


The original cast Brian Stokes Mitchell

Has an unique, low and thick singing voice,

Which we can understand immediately after hearing.

When I think about it now, t

he song selection may have been reckless.


Guessing the lyrics,

We can feel Coalhouse’s love for America, Sarah, and his son.

This one song gives us the theme of the musical.


I got a sheet music at bookstores around Broadway.

I’m glad to sing this song, which is not so popular in Japan.



I see his face.

I hear his heartbeat.

I look in those eyes.

How wise they seem.

Well, when he is old enough

I will show him America

And he will ride

on the wheels of a dream.

We’ll go down South

And see your people

Won’t they take to him

Like cats to cream!

Then we’ll travel on from there.

And we will ride

On the wheels of a dream.

Yes, the wheels are turning for us, girl.

And the times are starting to roll.

Any man can get where he wants to

If he’s got some fire in his soul.

We’ll see justice, Sarah,

And plenty of men

Who will stand up

And give us our due.

Oh, Sarah, it’s more that promises.

Sarah, it must be true.

A country that let’s a man like me

Own a car, raise a child, build a life with you…

With you…

Beyond that road,

Beyond this lifetime

That car full of hope

Will always gleam!

With the promise of happiness

And the freedom he’ll live to know.

He’ll travle with head held high,

Just as far as his heart can go

And he will ride-

Our son will ride-

On the wheels of a dream.

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