Murou-ji(室生寺)English Only

Murou-ji (室生寺)

Asuka(明日香、飛鳥) is near Nara(奈良) city in Osaka and Kyoto area, which town is famous for the original capital city before Nara, Kyoto, and Tokyo.

Now we can not find any buildings there. Only fields, Grave Stone and temples.

One of the favorite temples in Asuka area is Murou-ji. The five layers tower in this temple is very famous especially in the snowing.

When I visited last time, it was summer season. In the bus only one monk practicing asceticism rode except for me.

The five layers tower was smaller than I expected. This illusion comes from designing of building and location on the hill.

Walking far back from this tower, narrow mountain pass is continued. I met an old wild monkey in front of guardian deity of children. We stared in the face with each other, and he vanished into the forest.

I was refreshed by sharing the time with him.


In Asuka area, there are private home providing meals and lodging called Minshuku(民宿).

Having arrived, a family served fresh juice and a rice cake with soybean flour (Kinako mochi).

After light dinner served by them, I could hear no sounds except for the boom of a temple bell outside.

I could wake up early in the morning, and enjoyed walking to see other historical spots.

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