My Favorite Musical Song ~No.4 Les Parapluies De Cherbourg

No.4 Les Parapluies De Cherbourg

Lyrics: Jacques Demy

Composer: Michel Legrand

“Les Parapluies De Cherbourg” 1964


Feelings for the song

I saw this movie on DVD many times,

Which received Cannes Film Festival Grand Prix.


Michel Legrand’s beautiful melody is my favorite.

Since Jazz sounds are woven from time to time in this movie,

It ’s a miracle that Danielle Licari could dub Catherine Deneuve’s song.

It is not necessary to look at the image.

I can be satisfied by just hearing the sound in the room,

especially in Rainy days.


Regrettably he passed away in January 26th 2019.

However his passionate art will live in my soul eternally.


The theme of director and screenwriter Jacques Demy is also poetic.

The points of theme are

the torn love

the cruelty of war

the desire of parents

the immaturity of two young man and woman


In the first scene

A cold rain hitting the bricks road in Cherbourg town,

In the last scene

the hard snow falls on the gas station.

These are like a destiny to swallow everything.

My own bittersweet memories cone back every time to see this movie.

You will feel warm by scenes and music.


The English translation “I WILL WAIT FOR YOU” is popular song,

But I can only think of the original,

Farewell duet at coffee shops and train stations

I sing as a dual role.


Part up to “De notre amour ecoute la chanson”

Try to kill singing by talking about original feelings and appealings

In the original language


And in the main melody line

Focus on putting the feelings and appearing on.

Every time I sing, my chest is tightened.



Depuis quelques jours je vis dans le silence

Des quatres murs de mon amour

Depuis ton de part l’ombre de ton absence

Me poursuit chaque nuit et me fuit chaque jour


Je ne vois plus personne j’ai fait le vide autour de moi

Je ne comprends plus rien parce que je ne suis rien sans toi

J’ai renonce а tout parce que je n’ai plus d’illusions

De notre amour ecoute la chanson


Non je ne pourrai jamais vivre sans toi

Je ne pourrai pas, ne pars pas, j’en mourrai

Un instant sans toi et je n’existe pas

Mais mon amour ne me quitte pas


Mon amour je t’attendrai toute ma vie

Reste pres de moi reviens je t’en supplie

J’ai besoin de toi je veux vivre pour toi

Oh mon amour ne me quitte pas


Ils se sont separes sur le quai d’un gare

Ils se sont eloignes dans un dernier regard

Oh je t’aime ne me quitte pas.

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