My favorite Musical song~No.2 This Is a Moment


Lyrics: Leslie Bricusse

Composer: Frank Wildhorn

“Jekyll & Hyde” 1990

Feelings for the song

Needless to mention that

This Broadway musical is based on

Robert Louis Stevenson “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”


I never get tired of watching the stage

The degree of perfection is outstanding.


The cast can be Takeshi Kaga or Kanji Ishimaru in Japan,

When playing Hyde

You need to be ferocious enough to tear your white shirt


I try get the realism of this role

By all means the original Robert Cuccioli,

A robust type like David Hasselhoff on DVD

It suits this musical.


This song is also a song as Jigil,

Considerable toughness is required

Just screaming to follow the score is not enough

With a sticky, sticky throat ring,

Power is the decisive factor

I work with such an image,

Every time I sing, I am overwhelmed by the gap with reality

I think I’m ringing in my own way

I’m lacking in power


Anyway, I have no choice but to sing as if I were Jigil

I’m always attacked by such impatience.




This is the moment

This is the day,

When I send all my doubts and demons

On their way


Every endeavor,

I have made – ever

Is coming into play,

Is here and now – today


This is the moment,

This is the time,

When the momentum and the moment

Are in rhyme


Give me this moment

This precious chance

I’ll gather up my past

And make some sense at last


This is the moment,

When all I’ve done

All the dreaming,

Scheming and screaming,

Become one


This is the day

See it sparkle and shine,

When all I’ve lived for

Becomes mine


For all these years,

I’ve faced the world alone,

And now the time has come

To prove to them

I’ve made it on my own


This is the moment

My final test

Destiny beckoned,

I never reckoned,

Second Best


I won’t look down,

I must not fall

This is the moment,

The sweetest moment of them all


This is the moment

Damn all the odds

 This day, or never,

I’ll sit forever

With the gods


When I look back,

I will always recall,

Moment for moment,

This was the moment,

The greatest moment

Of them all

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